Sunday, September 17, 2006

Permeable Concrete

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The City of Olympia just put in a sidewalk in front of our bakery. The concrete is permeable so that water seeps through it instead of running off of it into the storm drains and flowing untreated into the bay. Kudos to the City for spending a little extra money to improve our water quality.
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Anonymous said...

And Kudos to the City of Olympia for creating an eco-friendly path to an even eco-friendlier family institution! Looks likes the whole team came out to help with hopes of some of those renown San Francsio Bakery treats upon completion!

Anonymous said...

holy moley thats a biiiiiiig ass sidewalk! cute cute cute mom, I absolutly loved it. Once again your brilliant editing has produced another fabulous vlog. i love you.

todd Valentine said...

i miss olympia. thanks for taping that judi! glad i got to see the sidewalk take shape.