Sunday, August 26, 2007

Train to Edinburgh

Gene and I went to Scotland and spent a week in Edinburgh to check out the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. We tried to catch at least three events daily and felt like there was much that we were missing. There were art, music, theater, comedy, book, and film festivals. We traveled on public transportation the entire time we were in the country, it was easy to get to even the smallest town without a car. Why can't we do that here in Olympia?
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Anonymous said...

Or use one of those lanes for a rapid transit train!

carmen said...

I love it! Dad is so cute with his little mouth hanging open like that! I do that all the time and never knew where I got it from *wink*
i love you guys. miss you so much. when are we gonna be together again.
and of course...
more more more!!