Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve at the Bakery

Carmen is visiting from Oakland for the holidays so the entire family was working together on Christmas Eve. When we say that we own a small family bakery, we really mean it. Business was slow so we had more time to goof around than we usually do. Gene got to make a snowman in front of the shop and I was able to make this video.
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Linda's Wedding

My sister Linda got married recently and was able to gather together members of my family that I had not seen for years. Like all families we share a complicated history, there are sad memories as well as joyous ones, but on this particular night we chose to set aside any differences and celebrate the union of Linda and her new husband, Ed. One of my favorite sights was watching my brother Joe and his ex-wife dancing and enjoying each other's company. It was bizarre but sweet. The evening was like a play with a cast that came from inside my brain.
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Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Republican Nightmare

After watching the debates I had this nightmare.
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Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Girls

There is so much creativity and activism going on in Oakland. One of the many ecological movements in the city is one promoting urban homesteading. Its focus is on producing fresh, sustainable food in peoples yards. As a gardener, I love the idea of turning urban areas that are lawns or maybe vacant lots into places that produce food. Carmen has decided to give urban animal husbandry a try by acquiring two chickens, Ambrosia and Clementine. The girls eat Carmens kitchen scraps, fertilize the soil, lay delicious eggs, and give her a sense of contentment. The children who live in her apartment complex love to come see the chickens and look for eggs in the raccoon-proof coop, so this is also another way for Carmen to bond with her neighbors. It seems like a win-win scenario but while we were visiting, Carmens landlord informed her that the chickens were not welcome; apparently he is worried that they are too dirty. Postscript- Carmen had to get rid of Ambrosia and Clementine. Shes taking it very well, she says there will be other opportunities to have chickens and that for now its more important that she get along with her landlord.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jumping Gene

Life after children can be tough but we have not only managed to survive, but we're having a little fun too. Of course we miss Carmen and Nolan, we visit with them all the time. It's just that we refuse to be bored. This post isn't just about how our lives have changed, it's also about how fleeting time is. We lived a full life before our children were born, then we were consumed with raising them, and now we're back to living without them.
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Betty Heidler at the Prefontaine Classic

Carmen came home a couple of weeks ago so that we could go to a track meet in Eugene, Oregon called the Prefontaine Classic. She has been interested in all things running since she trained for the San Francisco Marathon last year so Gene and I thought she would enjoy this meet. Oddly it was the women's hammer throw that was our favorite event. Betty Heidler won with a throw of 73.93 meters. The world record is 77.80 meters so she will have to improve to get a medal in Beijing. Still, she captured our hearts and we are rooting for her to do well in the Olympics.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Budd Inlet at Low Tide

Now that the weather has finally gotten a little warmer, I'm riding my bike around Olympia again. Getting out of the car gives me the opportunity to examine my surroundings and stop to take in a vista whenever I like. I pass by Budd Inlet every time I go downtown and I'm fond of the way it looks and smells when the tide goes out. The inlet floor is exposed and birds come to feed on whatever sea life has been left out in the open.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Berkeley Bowl

There's not many other things that Carmen and Gene would rather do than shop for food. We all love Berkeley Bowl for it's diversity and abundance and if you're in the area I recommend that you check it out. It's amazing. This video is part of a new series that I'll be doing from time to time. I'll post the food videos to our Bakery web site,, as well. OK, I'm back to posting to my vlog!
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