Monday, November 09, 2009

Testing a Well

More of the "men at work" category that I find intriguing and fun to video tape. This time we are testing to see if there is water in a well on the property that we want to buy in partnership with Nolan. It's a beautiful piece of low bank waterfront close to Boston Harbor on Fish Trap Bay. There's a mobile home on the lot that has a view of the water and will work out great for Nolan and a roommate. Lanny Carpenter is the well expert, he had help from Keith D., the man that owns the property now.

A thought about my blog; I think that in order to continue blogging I have to branch out beyond the vlog format. I find that it's too restrictive and time consuming to post only video blogs. There have been many stories that I have not chronicled for want of a video. It's time to try something different. -Judi
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)